I love taking photos of people. I love it that everytime I take photos I am creating something unique because every person is different and every interaction is never the same. Every opportunity to capture moments of magic – those little nuances and shared emotions of human nature – is a joy to me, an opportunity to stop time in its tracks and share a moment that can last forever.

a brimful of happy

23 August 2016

Nearly a year ago I did this shoot that combined a pre school dance portrait session with some family captures. At the time I almost lost myself to the merriment and mischief of this family and there were moments when it was hard to balance my lens against the chuckles that shook my body. Their smiles were generous and their energy was catchy. Looking at these photos now makes me grateful for all those impromptu moments of magic which translate the depth of a joyful, authentic love that thread this lovely family together.

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