I love taking photos of people. I love it that everytime I take photos I am creating something unique because every person is different and every interaction is never the same. Every opportunity to capture moments of magic – those little nuances and shared emotions of human nature – is a joy to me, an opportunity to stop time in its tracks and share a moment that can last forever.

Before the Matric Dance

19 August 2015

The best times often happen in unexpected ways. This was my first pre-matric dance photo session and I had little idea of how it would unfold. I knew the location would be great but I hadn’t met the couple and that unknown quantity of twosome synergy in front of the camera can be both exciting (I like a challenge) and nerve-wracking. When the couple arrived in THAT car and the beautiful girl stepped out in THAT dress and when she wore THAT smile and he gave her THAT look, I just knew we were in for a great time. Young people are naturally comfortable in front of the camera (thanks social media) and it required very little direction from me to deliver on the ideas I had for fun, fresh and naturally happy captures that were true to the occasion.

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  1. Sara

    Wow just so glam and gorgeous!

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