I love taking photos of people. I love it that everytime I take photos I am creating something unique because every person is different and every interaction is never the same. Every opportunity to capture moments of magic – those little nuances and shared emotions of human nature – is a joy to me, an opportunity to stop time in its tracks and share a moment that can last forever.

great expectations

03 August 2015

These expectant parents-to-be brought such a happy energy with them to the session and it did not require much direction from me to capture the curve of their smiles that partnered perfectly with the roundness of that loved bump. Sometimes all it takes is a glance, a smile, a kiss in the stillness of a moment to translate the inner workings of joy that start in the depths of the heart (and belly!)

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one comment for great expectations

  1. Kate McDonald

    Thank you for capturing our joy:)

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