I love taking photos of people. I love it that everytime I take photos I am creating something unique because every person is different and every interaction is never the same. Every opportunity to capture moments of magic – those little nuances and shared emotions of human nature – is a joy to me, an opportunity to stop time in its tracks and share a moment that can last forever.

Kevan & Tiffany

The Secret Garden, Pietermaritzburg
25 October 2016

Kevan and Tiffany have loved each other for a long time and yet their mutual adoration makes their relationship look brand new. Its easy to see their affection by how they share a look and in the way they grasp their moments together when no-one is looking. Their special day was very much an extension of their commitment and even the cold, rainy weather did little to dampen their excitement of becoming newlyweds. Capturing their wedding day was easy and rewarding as they let themselves be carried along a relay of moments that delivered only wonderful intentions. What a very special wedding it was!

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3 Responses to Kevan & Tiffany

  1. Jill Storie

    Fantastic photos Sasha – loved them all. Some so very ‘clever’. You are so talented. Thank you for putting them up on your blog to share Tiffany & Kevan’s wonderful day. xx

  2. Jill Storie

    apology Saysha – spelt you name incorrectly!! Jill xx

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