I love taking photos of people. I love it that everytime I take photos I am creating something unique because every person is different and every interaction is never the same. Every opportunity to capture moments of magic – those little nuances and shared emotions of human nature – is a joy to me, an opportunity to stop time in its tracks and share a moment that can last forever.

Sifiso and Johanna

The Knoll, Hilton KZN
25 April 2017

Sifiso is South African and Johanna is German. They met while Johanna was visiting the country on a church outreach.  They have grown their love story across continents and against all odds. On the eve of this photo shoot Sifiso proposed and Johanna yes with no hesitation. Its plain to see how they are made to love one another. Its in the way they hold on or lean in, its in the looks that speak more than words and the gentle way their touch seems more precious than gold. Being around Sifiso and Johanna is like walking out of the shadows and feeling the sun on your face. You can’t help but smile for no reason when you see them together and the memory of them will stay long after they are not there. What a privilege to be chosen by them to document the honesty of their love.

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  1. Nikki

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. Love the photos – lighting is amazing.

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